International Help Organization (IHO) EBRAR is an international charity organization that helps generous and caring people reach out to those in need. Our goal is to address immediate needs and ensure the self-reliance of the poorest people around the world with donations of generous donors.

We believe that those whom God has given wealth need to clean that wealth through charity, and those whom God has tried with loss are accorded a rightful share from the resources of the affluent.

Organisation name Stichting International Help Organization EBRAR (IHO-EBRAR)
Business register number (KVK) 51782537
Fiscal code 8501 69 331
Phone 0031 639 888 038
Address Kaapstraat 61, 2572 HE Den Haag, Nederland
IBAN: NL48INGB0006004426  –  BIC: INGBNL2A


Abdurrahman Alpsoy
Veysel Tartık
S.Mehmet Yılmaz
Şu anda ulaşabileceğiniz yetkili personelimiz ve temsilciliklerimiz
Temsilci/Bölge Telefon
Hüseyin Öztürk ( Den Haag, Hollanda) 0031 639 888 038
Zülküf Bildirici  (Den Haag, Hollanda) 0031 610 026 424
Yusuf Zaman (Rotterdam, Hollanda) 0031 681 742 312
IHO Ebrar Belgium 0032 492 45 01 47
Ümit Ataş ( Paris- Fransa) 0033 669 354 580
Nihat Uyar (Londra- İngiltere) 0044 7399 820275
Sabahattin Ugar (İstanbul-Türkiye ) 0090 536 872 45 02

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