Qurbani Campaign

“So pray and sacrifice to your Lord alone.”(Al-Kawthar 2)

“Say: Surely my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.” (An’am 162)

To perform the worship of sacrifice and to deliver it properly in these days when neediness and victimization are at its peak; It is an important tool to combat poverty and poverty. One of the most important means of reducing this victimization is to sacrifice victims by proxy in poor towns. IHO Ebrar mediates the slaughter of the victims according to Islamic methods, with the power of attorney given by the benefactors, and delivers their meat to the most aggrieved people in the most correct way.

As every year, IHO Ebrar has started to work to deliver your victims to those in need, “Let there be Hope for Your Victim, Orphan, Poor, Needy, Refugees and Pandemic Victims!” started this year’s Kurban campaign with the slogan. Within the scope of this year’s sacrifice campaign, we will deliver the sacrificed meat of you benefactors to the poor and victims in approximately 20 countries in Africa, dozens of countries in Asia, Turkey and dozens of regions of the Balkans and Palestine Gaza.
In addition, we will be especially concentrating on the victims of earthquakes in Turkey en Syria this year.

You can also deliver your sacrifices to us by money order to our bank account number, online or by contacting our branch offices and representatives.

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