With over 800,000 people dying from water-related illnesses each year, unsafe water is the biggest obstacle to the progression and health of communities in the developing world. IHO EBRAR works globally to provide people with access to clean water and sanitation. The type of communities we work with vary greatly so our approach reflects this. Assessing the need for water on an individual basis, we tailor our solutions to specific problems.

Sufficient clean water is the base of good health. Globally more than one billion people lack access to clean drinking water. This causes serious health problems such as dehydration and infections. Every year, there are approximately five million people die of diseases, which are due to polluted drinking water. For these reasons, IHO EBRAR has  “water well project” started. Especially in arid countries of Africa,  IHO Ebrar has built three wells in 2015. The cost of creating a well varies by country between 500 and 5000 euros. You can transfer your desired amount to our account or be sponsor for the whole project.

CHAD: It is one of the driest regions in the world. Except for a very limited part of the capital N’djamena, there is no water network. Many villages meet their water needs by transporting animals from other villages. As our association, we are able to open it in all regions of the country. The depth of the water well here is 75 meters on average and the fee is 3500 euros.

SOMALIA: Drought, hunger and misery, soil infertility and especially climate changes in Somalia under the shadow of civil wars bring along many problems such as food, health and thirst. Eight out of every 10 children in Somalia get sick from water shortage, especially diarrheal diseases pose a danger to children and most of them die before they reach the age of five. With our water well projects, people are saved from traveling for miles and they get cleaner water. Many diseases are prevented, children can now go to school and valuable time spent on the road to bring water can now be spent on education. Thus, the water well project becomes a little ray of hope for the impoverished peoples. The cost of a water well in this country is 4000 dollars and it is 45 meters deep.

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